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I officially fail at updating. But here are a few new things. I might be fiddling with the site over the next few weeks, hopefully I won't break anything too bad and it'll stay up.


I colored this on my new laptop. I'm finding the screens on these things to be pretty sub par when it comes to colors. Couldn't really find any model that had a good lcd panel.


And this I did quite some time ago but never posted. A lot of stuff has happened to me in the last 6 months. I have been doing a fair amount of freelance that has been holding up my fantasy comic. Did some work with Blur Studios on a Heavy Metal movie pitch they were putting together which was a great experience. I also broke up with my long time girlfriend and have been trying to center my life again. More or less successfully at this point in time. Thinking a lot about how little all the crap I own matters. Trying for a more minimalist lifestyle. And stuff like that. Somehow I got conned into joining Facebook. I mainly use it for personal friends. But if anyone I know out there is interested: Tim Mcburnie's Facebook profile Anyway, more soon, I promise :)
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7 Pirates

Here are some pages that I finished a few months ago dealing with typical pirate action :>

Some info on the book: Although I am probably not the best at giving a stripped down slick story pitch the idea is that Editions Delcourt is putting out a series called 'Sept' with the concept of 7 different writers all writing a story based on the motif of '7 Samurai' and such. So there are other books along side mine with a similar theme but vastly different setting, written and drawn by different creators. Starting in 2007. Some of the other artists I have noticed around the place are Sean Phillips who is doing 7 Psychos (he has some great stuff on his blog from it). and Luigi Critone who is doing "7 Missionnaires" (also some amazing pages on his blog!) There is a bit of coverage here (for those able to read French) you can see some of the covers 7 Pirates is actually what you might call an unofficial sequel to Treasure Island. It's written by French author Pascal Bertho. Set some years after the first, Jim being an adult now. Revolving around 6 characters that were in Robert Louis Stevenson's original and 1 new one. Something of note is that I ended up not doing the layouts for this project, they are done by Jérôme Lereculey who is also drawing 7 Voleurs (Thieves) but everything else is mine. I will post some of the process up later, His layouts are quite detailed and complete and it was a challenge to draw my own page from them to begin with. I think not controlling the composition and storytelling gives the book a different feel to my normal work, but I'm learning about how to lay out a European size page this way. It's set to come out in france around November 07 . More art and stuff soon
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Almost made it to a year...

Not quite a year since the last post...I guess theres always next time. but for now here's a small update: The comic (BD/Graphic-Novel/whatever) I have been working on for the last year or so is called 7 Pirates and this is a back cover spot illustration featuring all the main characters. the printed version will be quite small so I tried to make it relatively simple and graphic. here is a bit of the process: thumbnail - drawn at actual thumbnail size. I did not realise it had to be a vingette at this point and the background was dropped. Rough drawing: and for anyone who is interested, the lines sans coloring.
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