In 2008 I began working on ideas for a fantasy book. Ara was born. A girl with one eye.  Bound to The League of Witches. Compelled to do their bidding and carry out missions of questionable moral quantity.

I wrote the script for the first book (or Tome as we call it in France) and with the help of David Chauvel, my editor and collaborator, got it translated and published by Ankama in 2011. 

Book 1: A Circle of Stone, follows Ara into the Green Sea. An endless forest. Where she is placed against a long dormant spirit. Forced to divine the hidden nature of her mission, she must also seek the true character of her companions Senn and Muluk.

There is currently no English language version available, and copies of the French one are probably hard to come by at this stage. Sometime in 2014 I hope to have this all sorted out. 



Below are the first 28 pages in English

Here is a link to the the first 28 pages in French: