I officially fail at updating. But here are a few new things. I might be fiddling with the site over the next few weeks, hopefully I won't break anything too bad and it'll stay up.


I colored this on my new laptop. I'm finding the screens on these things to be pretty sub par when it comes to colors. Couldn't really find any model that had a good lcd panel.


And this I did quite some time ago but never posted.

A lot of stuff has happened to me in the last 6 months. I have been doing a fair amount of freelance that has been holding up my fantasy comic. Did some work with Blur Studios on a Heavy Metal movie pitch they were putting together which was a great experience.

I also broke up with my long time girlfriend and have been trying to center my life again. More or less successfully at this point in time. Thinking a lot about how little all the crap I own matters. Trying for a more minimalist lifestyle. And stuff like that.

Somehow I got conned into joining Facebook. I mainly use it for personal friends. But if anyone I know out there is interested:

Tim Mcburnie's Facebook profile

Anyway, more soon, I promise :)