Jack of all Trades


This is another sketch done all in Photoshop. I actually have some more finished things in the works that are all digital too. I seem to be considering dropping the pencils again. It happens every year or so :) Who knows... maybe this time it will stick!

In other news, I decided a few weeks ago to upgrade the Wordpress install I use for this blog.

Or rather, I decided to downgrade it...

After re-learning html, CSS, and PHP every 6 months for the last few years in the pursuit of keeping ‘up-to-date’ I thought it might be a good idea to stick with the most basic default template, and the least amount of plug-ins possible.

Cutting down on life clutter, etc.

Of course 5 minutes in and I am struggling with some ridiculously simple task that takes 5 hours to resolve. But such is the price of freedom. I am definitely not a web developer, and barely a web designer.

But... I have always had aspirations on being able to design on a theoretical level. The only official art schooling I ever took was in graphic design, and despite not really getting as much as I could out of the course, I did come away with a lot of theory that related not just to page layout and logo design, but to all art in general.
It is strange then to realise how badly my site has been (and is still) designed, just from an information flow point of view.
I realised I was organising for ease of use. But more for my ease than others. People often ask where the art is. And I’m starting to realise my cool idea of having all my Dailyscrible Sketchblog entries in one easy location hides a good portion of my best work from people who had no idea what the Dailyscribble was.
as does organising things based on time (new art etc...) great for me. Useless for anyone else.

So...more re-org required. I haven’t really gotten there yet, still trying to figure out what the best way to shuffle things into categories is. I have made a small attempt to bring the more important items to the foreground via link icons on the sidebar. The typography and general design of which any of my designer friends would no doubt shield their eyes from. But I am learning.


As always