Sword and Sorcery

Quick update with a few early character ideas for my next project, which I hope to get going after 7 Pirates is finished.

This first one was done more recently, I was playing around with using simpler coloring techniques and doing more work at the drawing stage. I'm somewhat attracted to the idea of this look, with very simple flat coloring. Of course because it's less time consuming but I also like the way it forces a focus on good design. and I have tended in the past to rely on doing a lot of rendering and painting instead of solid drawing, which I want to focus more on in the future.

Getting it to work on actual pages might be another story altogether.

This one is kind of the same thing but worked up a little bit more. Pencils a bit sketchier.

I've wanted to update this site more often but it looks like once a month so far. I am penciling the last 4 or so pages of 7Pirates and they are quite panel heavy, so I'e been a bit snowed under. Mostly the book has been about 8 panels a page which is light for a French book, but a few of the last ones are 10 or 11

I realise now, despite getting a week to do a page, doing a whole album with 12 panels a page would definitely be a a lot of work! I have had it easy so far :) More respect for French artists. Not as easy as it looks.